Homestay Travel Information Server

Merging innovative technologies with tourism and developing a holistic experience for both the travelers and the communities has been the mantra for GHE. Building on that philospohy the Homestay Travel Information Server or HTIS is the latest technological intervention that we are deploying at our homestay villages. HTIS creates a WiFi hotspot server which works without internet and enables travelers to browse useful information about the village using their cellphones. The server is specifically designed for village homestays to allow easy access to local information where there are numerous challenges



Challenges of Village Travel

  • There is limited or no connectivity so travelers are unable to get any information about the region
  • Travelers cannot know any details about the history, culture and art of the village.
  • Travelers are eager to know local food options and details.
  • Travelers cannot know all activities and things to see around.
  • Language is a barrier to get all information from locals
  • Travelers cannot access past traveler reviews, do’s and don’ts.
  • There is no access to audio/video content streaming, related to local area

The Solution

HTIS is a solar powered server that addresses most of the travelers’ needs. Once they reach a remote area, they will be greeted with a Wi-Fi signal from the server. They just need to connect to the Wi-Fi using their cellphone and browse the local village website.


From the App, travelers can access

  • Local village geographical details, history and heritage.
  • Local village culture, art and village products
  • Local cuisine options and details.
  • Activities and things to see around.
  • Past traveler reviews and recommendations
  • Dos and Don’ts in the village.
  • Stream local songs and documentaries.
  • Download useful android applications.
  • Local map and information about other nearby villages.

HTIS can transform a simple village stay to a comprehensive experience.

Key Features for hosts

HTIS is already deployed in 10 of our homestay villages. The server can be a unique addition to the homestays across the world that can completely customize for their travelers and can also host useful android apps.

Future Scope

Being an embedded system, HTIS can be integrated with a lot of other technologies from CCTV cameras, sensors, image processing to communication technologies. We are already testing some of these ideas which we’ll soon roll-out for deployment.

If you are interested to apply this technology in your homestays, reach out to us at

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