Crowd Funding

Explore the several options to crowdfund your campaign to be part of our impact adventures .


Neelima Raheja, India

"If you are really passionate about doing this trip of a lifetime, then you have to go all out and build a moment. Reach out to your friends, family and your social networks and get them to be associated with the initiative by helping sponsor your trip. For if they can’t make it, you can for them"

We do understand that some people might not have the financial resources to self fund for the expeditions. But we have met some amazing travelers and changemakers on our expeditions who raised the expedition fees for themselves by reaching out within their networks.

We have had participants who got their expedition fee funded by the local governments, we have had people who got funded by corporate CSR, and some who just went out on crowdfunding platforms and reached to their social networks and raised the money in a short span of 5 days.

Most of us think that crowdfunding is not an option, but we have seen almost 80% of our participants who could not have self funded the expedition join us because they used the crowdfunding platforms.

Meet Some of our Crowdfunding champions


Tejas Muley

"Once I got selected for the 2018 Expedition, I started a 45 day campaign on bitgiving. The whole idea of crowdfunding was not just to raise funds, but also to raise awareness on the reality that there are still villages out there living in darkness while we take electricity for granted. I feel that electricity is a basic human right and everyone in the world should be able to enjoy the same light that you and I enjoy in our homes. I received an overwhelming response to the campaign which further increased my commitment to the cause of the expedition."


Douglas Mackenzie

"I set myself a realistic target and started the campaign on gofundme. The initial response was slow but soon people started chipping in small amounts and in a very short span of time, I was able to hit $2000 in collections. I was able to self fund the rest of the amount"


Mrinalini Shukla

"To be part of an Impact Expedition was always a dream. To make this dream come true, I leveraged the support of my entire network and made my dream a reality. Initially it seems difficult to believe that someone will pay to enable me to be part of an expedition but in just a few hours, I saw a tremendous response to the campaign and people were pitching in money while motivating and encouraging me to undertake such a wonderful initiative. I was able to gather the entire amount in less than a month."


John Tucker

"I had done crowdfunding before and so when i did the maths on the expedition fee and my flight tickets and gear, I realized i had a huge sum in front of me, which was challenging but also realistic. I set up the fund raiser and contacted my alumni group at college, my friends on facebook and my extended family to share the campaign. And soon enough, I had 58 backers who put in a total sum of more than $6000! I was able to use the excess funds to support another friend of mine who was coming on the expedition"


Priyanka Kamath

"I was excited when I got the confirmation mail from GHE to be part of the Impact Expedition but at the same time I knew there was a lot of work before I made it to the expedition. I immediately set up the fundraiser on Indiegogo and organized a Zumbathon Fundraiser to build momentum around my campaign and to bring awareness to the local community. It worked beautifully as after the zumbathon, I was able to raise over $3000. We often shy away from asking people to help, but in my experience, it does not harm and you realize people are more than happy to pitch in for a generous cause"

Steps to organize a Crowdfunding Campaign

Step 1 :Use the popular Crowdfunding platforms such as

Step 2 :Verify the information with our team as they will help you with the correct details

Step 3 :Share and promote within your social networks and through your friends and family

Step 4 :Enjoy the journey and see how small donations turn into a big amount