Recognition & Awards

An Award winning Impact Tourism Enterprise that is transforming the tourism industry.

GHE has inspired many Travelers to experience the power of travel and have created a life long impact on the communities it has served. All our trips are carbon negative and lead to a sustainable development of the communities we serve, while providing the most authentic and life changing vacation to the conscious Travelers.

That is why GHE has been recognized by several leading international organizations for its impact on the travel industry and on the communities.


GHE was recognized at the G20 Ministerial meeting in Japan and was awarded with the first G20 Sustainable Tourism Award for the Most innovative startup promoting sustainable tourism. This was the first G20 startup innovation competition that took place during the G20 Summit.


GHE was awarded by FICCI in 2019 for our special contribution to the tourism industry through community-based tourism.


GHE was awarded WTTC’s 2018 Tomorrow for Tourism award at the 18th WTTC Global Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. GHE was awarded for their work in community-based tourism.


GHE was the 2018 Honoree for the World Tourism Awards, WTM which recognized its work for outstanding initiatives related to the travel and tourism industry and in fostering sustainable tourism and developing programs that give back to local communities.


ICIMOD recognized GHE as the winner of the ICIMOD Mountain Prize 2018 for promoting of sustainable tourism in remote Himalayan communities of India.


The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) recognized GHE as the world’s leading social enterprise working towards achieving Universal Energy Access (SDG 7) for remote communities by leveraging tourism as an instrument.


GHE won the “Start-up Innovation Award” at the Fifth World Tourism Forum Lucerne that took place in 2017 in Lucerne, Switzerland. GHE was recognized out of the 150 startups that applied for the competition.


EXPO 2017 Astana, Future of Energy, recognized GHE’s work in deploying Solar Micro Grids to provide efficient and renewable energy to remote communities was recognized as the most innovative technology startup in the Future of Energy section at the Expo, which saw 3 million people visit the expo.