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An immersive learning experience for the young leaders of the future.



"There is so much to explore out there and to learn from these communities. It’s not like we are helping them, we are enabling them with a technology solution and in return taking back their smiles and happiness and an experience of a lifetime"
Franklin, Grade 11 Student, International School of Zug and Lucerne

GHE Student Expeditions are a way for the students to translate theory into reality and from being a thinker into a doer. Students get to experience the lifestyle of the remotest communities on the earth and learn how the technology solutions can really enable these communities to thrive and sustain while leading the most sustainable lifestyles. The opportunity to interact with the locals and work with them hand in hand is a very powerful experience at a young age.

As part of the expeditions, we have taken students from both schools as well as universities to the remote areas of Himalayas and created a life long impact in these communities, while empowering the students to do the unthinkable.

GHE Harvard Expedition video

We collaborate with the schools and universities to customize the learning experience for the students. The expeditions weave around the core themes of ‘service to the people’, sustainability, climate change and resilience while allowing the students to explore themselves as an individual disconnected from the world of social media. We also encourage cross collaboration projects allowing the students to work on a local problem by building a practical solution as part of their trip besides the electrification work.

Students travel to the remote communities and are welcomed by a culture and tradition that is centuries old. They then survey the villages and understand the energy needs to design the setup of the grid. Once the design is completed, they work hand-in-hand with the local community to setup the Solar Panels and the Batteries and install the bulb holders. The entire process of arriving in a village to setting up the grid and ending ages of darkness will take just 2 days, showcasing the power of technology and human will.




The young generation is the first generation who will see the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it. The key aim here is to enable the schools and universities in developing future leaders who are equipped with the skills and experiences along with the potential to make an impact and make a difference for the future generations

Miriam Rich - PhD student at Harvard "I am still processing the incredible, exhilarating experience with GHE. This trip was meaningful to me on so many different levels: intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual. I will cherish it forever. I was deeply moved on the issue of sustainability and access for remote communities and hope to apply my learnings in this direction."
Sophia Koch - Grade 11 Student at ISZL, Lucerne "To be able to create such a tangible impact in the communities while on a learning trip was amazing. We were welcomed by the villagers as their own family members and we realized how much compassion and empathy these people have."
Naomi Oreskes, Harvard University "Being so far from home in a truly incredible part of a world definitely felt like a once in a life time experience. My students and I are interested in climate change and solutions for a sustainable future. I have been on many trips but the expedition to electrify a village surpassed all my expectations."

The trip duration is from anywhere between 8 to 12 days depending on the remoteness of the location. We accept student batch sizes from anywhere between 8 to 30+ students. We do recommend a teacher chaperon to be part of the expedition with the students. Students from the age group of 14 and above are a good fit for these expeditions.

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