Inequality In Education

No digital infrastructure in the schools in remote villages.

Lack of access to education creates educational inequality.


Schools located in the remote villages cater to children coming from multiple nearby villages, as each village does not have a school. Absence of computers restricts the learning capacity and access to information becomes very limited . Even though there is a huge desire to learn and innovate, the students feel ill equipped and get limited by the access to education facilities.

Technology To Empower Students


The Innovation Centers allow students access to offline Internet Content through Wikipedia, Khan Academy, TED talks and the School Curriculum that is pre loaded on a 1TB Wifi Server. The concept of the Innovation Centers is to provide the students with access to education resources and material that sparks their interest in arts, engineering, science, maths, history and culture.

Digital Education Access


Access remote schools


Innovation centre setup

Students using computers

Students using computers

Digital Education Impact