Leadership and Adventure

Practise Leadership with the remotest communities .

In the remote areas where every action matters, GHE provides an adventure expedition that is unparalleled for highlighting team and individual strengths and gives an opportunity for employees to learn to compensate for shortcomings.

Several Employees and senior leaders from GE, Microsoft, Enfield, AON, Booking, P&G and Facebook have learnt life long lessons and bonded with each other as truly high performing teams with a common vision of bringing light to the remotest communities.

During out Impact Leadership expeditions, we cover the following themes :

  • Leadership : Learn about your leadership style and its impact on outcomes in a group while working in the remotest areas of the world.
  • Teambuilding : Pitch tents, Setup Solar Panels and engage with the communities while working on Improve communication and cooperation on your team
  • Brand Commitment : By travelling to a remote region and bringing light and development, the employees are not only learning valuable life lessons but also building the brand of the company to show its commitment towards sustainability and a purpose driven mission.
  • Interactive Learning : A chance to understand how technology in its simplest form can create a life changing impact on the communities. Demystify energy access and Solar energy, you don’t need to be an engineer to setup the grid.
  • Authentic Cultural Experience : Interact and learn about centuries old cultural heritage as you electrify the villages. Get a first hand account of how these communities have thrived and how does poverty and climate change really impact the day to day lives of the locals.


“The expedition has offered me personal and professional growth that I never expected. You get to experience the pure joy and happiness with the villagers and explore dynamics within your team as you build yourself as a true leader."
Girish, General Manager, GE Healthcare

GHE Impact Expeditions develop one’s understanding of leadership, teamwork, ethics and judgment. Connecting with the wild outdoors in an intense way fosters the kind of self-reliance, judgment, respect, and sense of responsibility that can help leaders thrive in today’s shifting organizational landscape.


Team Work

Team Work2

Being part of the GHE expeditions require the same essential skills found in the professional world—communication, problem-solving, positive influence, and leadership to deliver. Learn more about what drives you as an individual while making a life long impact by powering up the remote communities through Solar energy. Return to your organization holding practical and transferable strategies with greater leadership effectiveness as you realize your true potential to create an impact in the lives of the remotest communities of the world.


Organize the perfect Leadership training for your employees with our Corporate Leadership Program. We take team sizes from 8 to 20 employees on a single expedition.

Katie Roberts, Director, Walmart "I cannot express what this experience means for me. To be able to travel to a village and change the lives of the people as we create a long lasting impact was amazing. It was not just about the impact, but the bond that i was able to build with my fellow expedition members was something special. "
Vikrant Karla, Senior Director, AON "From seeing it to doing it and now believing in it, it has been a brilliant journey of which I have the privilege to be part of, twice in two years. The expeditions teach you all about your inner leadership, team work and how to operate as a unit while giving sustainable development to the remote communities."
Steve Mumm, Corporate Trainer, GE "This expedition has been one of the most positive influential experience of my life. I was tested both mentally and physically. GHE provided a very professional experience and I would recommend this to everyone."

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