Nepal Impact Expedition

A perfect blend of Impact with Adventure in the Himalayas

today Dates : 15 Oct 2023 to 27 Oct 2023

access_time Duration : 13 Days

Grade : 3

? Grade 1 : Easy
Grade 2 : Moderate
Grade 3 : Challenging
Grade 4 : Hard

place Location : Dolpo, Nepal

Available Slots : 13/20

Brief :

Imagine if you could create a life long impact as you take a vacation to trek in the Himalayas. Travel with a group of changemakers from across the world to the remote valley Dolpo in the Nepal Himalayas. The expedition will span across trekking, bringing Solar Energy to a remote village and interacting with the local communities. Experience an authentic culture and a centuries old heritage as you empower the communities through technology and end ages of darkness. 

Trip Highlights

  • Connect with a centuries old cultural heritage  
  • Multiple days of trekking in the Lower Dolpo region.
  • Create a life long impact through setup of Solar Energy
  • Participants from across the globe
  • Trek through the least known trekking trail in Dolpo
  • Give back to the Himalayas and the local communities

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Route Map :


Itinerary Details :

  1. Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu and know your Fellow Participants
    Arrival in Kathmandu and know your Fellow Participants_Day 1

    You will fly into Nepal to the city of Kathmandu. You will be received at the airport by the GHE team leaders and welcomed with the traditional Nepali greetings. You will then be transferred to your hotel where you will be stationed for one day. The remainder of the arrival day is for you to relax and interact with the fellow participants. Towards the evening, we will have a story night session where we will hear from a few of the participants on their life journeys. 

  2. Day 2 Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, Cultural Immersion
    Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, Cultural Immersion_Day 2

    Today, we fly to the western side of Nepal from Kathmandu. It is about a1 hour flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. Situated along the Nepal-India border, Nepalgunj is culturally rich with a confluence of both Hindu and Muslim culture. We shall stay in hotels and continue with the story night sessions to hear from all the participants on their life journeys. There will be a gear check as well to ensure you are well equipped for the trek. 

  3. Day 3 Flight to Juphal and trek to Dunai (3 Hours of Trek)
    Flight to Juphal and trek to Dunai (3 Hours of Trek)_Day 3

    After breakfast, we will catch another flight to reach the small town of Juphal. It will take about 45 minutes to reach to Juphal with a scenic view of mountains. From Juphal, a short 2-3 hrs walk from the airstrip takes us to our first overnight camp at Dunai village. Our first day on the trail begins with an hour of downhill hiking through the village below the airstrip, then leading through the terraced fields to the Bheri River and the narrow gorge taking 2-3 hours to camp at Dunai. Here we have ample time for a leisure walk around the village. We shall be staying in camps for the night. 

  4. Day 4 Dunai to Karp (6-7 Hours of Trek)
    Dunai to Karp (6-7 Hours of Trek)_Day 4

    Today is the first long day of trek that leads through multiple glacial streams and then moves along a main river that runs through a maginificent gorge. The valley is lined with pine trees and we will be walking on an old trek path built above the river. After a long day of trekking , we come to Karp where colorful terraced fields greets us. Karp is an old fortress town built by the local people.  The village stands on a hillock to the south of a glacial river which at one time supervised collection of tolls for the trading caravans. Our overnight camp will be by the river on the edge of a grassy plateau with a trees scattered around. 

  5. Day 5 Karp to Shahartara (5-6 hours of trek)
    Karp to Shahartara (5-6 hours of trek)_Day 5

    From Karp, we continue to follow the main trail for an hour till and then do a quick climb to reach the top of the ridge line. Post the break, we shall continue along the valley with beautiful scenic views of the valley along the vegetation trail to Shahartara village. We will be having lunch at the village and then camp for the day after the long trek in the valley. 

  6. Day 6 Arrival at Village
    Arrival at Village_Day 6

    Today is one of the most interesting treks of the entire trip. From Shahartara, the trek passes along the valley for 2 hours and then ascends up through the valley for 30 mins till we reach the destination village. The village is known for its warmth and hospitality. You will be welcomed by the villagers in the traditional manner and then we shall settle down to rest. In the evening, we shall do a baseline survey of the village for the Solar Grids. 

  7. Day 7 Solar Grids Setup and Interaction with Community
    Solar Grids Setup and Interaction with Community_Day 7

    Once you settle down in the village, we will form teams and begin our survey work of electrification. The day is going to be long, but you will be supported by the villagers, be prepared for an overwhelming experience, as you enter the rooms of the villagers and discuss with them on where they want the light bulbs to be put up. Carry the solar panels to the roof top and set the panels while understanding the practicalities of where the sun rises and sets in different seasons. 

  8. Day 8 Village Electrified and Celebrations
    Village Electrified and Celebrations_Day 8

    Today is going to be a very special day. Our team will bring light to this centuries old remotest village, ending eons of darkness that it was immersed in for ages. After breakfast, the Team shall get started to set up the solar panels and do the final touches. The installed grid will then be inaugurated by the villagers in the evening which we shall have a celebratory dinner with the villagers, and not to forget, the tasting of the famous local beer

  9. Day 9 Trek back to Dunai
    Trek back to Dunai_Day 9

    After celebrating with the villagers, it is time to pack our bags and begin our trek back into the valley. From the village, the trek goes down to the campsite used by the local herders. We will rest for a small time and take a last look at the maginificent mountain peaks before we walk along the glacial streams to reach the base location of Dunai. 

  10. Day 10 Dunai to Juphal
    Dunai to Juphal_Day 10

    Today shall be the last day of camping and trekking. We shall start from Dunai and walk through the terraced fields to the river and the narrow gorge. A short 2-3 hrs of trek uphill takes us to the town of Juphal. At Juphal, we shall be camping in the village and sharing the beautiful memories of the trek with our expedition team. 

  11. Day 11 Juphal to Nepalgunj and Kathmadu by Flight
    Juphal to Nepalgunj and Kathmadu by Flight_Day 11

    Today will be a long day, but will involve flying instead of trekking. We shall take the first flight from Juphal to Nepalgunj and then take the connecting flight to Kathmandu. We plan to reach Kathmandu by the late afternoon and will check-in to the hotels. Given the hectic schedule, it will be rest day with no activities planned for the evening. 

  12. Day 12 Kathmandu Market Visit and Reflection
    Kathmandu Market Visit and Reflection_Day 12

    The day will begin with a trip to the main markets of Kathmandu and the team will gain an insight into the handicraft market. The afternoon will be a leisure day for the team to visit the market and pick up souvenirs. In the evening, we shall have a reflection session where each participant will share insights from their own personal experience on the expedition and how to create more meaningful impact. 

  13. Day 13 Departures
    Departures_Day 13

    "The mighty mountains beckoned and we answered the call“
    It’s time to say our farewell all around and make our way back to the airport with the GHE Team Leaders who will assure your safe departure! 

Inclusions :

  • All Airport Transfers in Nepal
  • Domestic airfare; Kathmandu-Nepalgunj-Dolpo and Dolpo-Nepalgunj-Kathmandu
  • All breakfast, lunch and dinner all days
  • All accommodations including hotels, homestays and camping on shared basis
  • All local transportation including coaches and taxis
  • Three-time meals during trek along with Tea/coffee and snacks
  • Boiled clean drinking water in Village 
  • Trekking permits and National Park fee
  • Cook, Helpers and Porters/Mules during the trek
  • Trekking equipment (Mattresses, Member tents, Kitchen tent, dining tent and toilet tent)

Exclusions :

  • International Flights
  • Visa Fees 
  • Travel Insurance
  • Tips and gratitude for staffs
  • Donation and local entrance fee

Carbon Offset :

The expedition to electrify the village will offset 116 Tons of Carbon from the environment by replacing 2400 Litres of kerosene through setup of 15 Solar microgrids. 
Our estimates suggest that the entire 16 days expedition Carbon footprint, including carbon generated during camping, hotel stay and through the participants return flight tickets, will be around 51 Tons. 
Overall Your trip to the Himalayas will be Carbon Negative!


Hear from our Alumni

Paulina - Chile "Coming from South America, I was able to relate to the remoteness of the communities and the challenges faced by them. This was the most beautiful and satisfying experiences for me as a Traveler. Never could I have imagined that I would be able to bring light to someone while taking part on an adventure trek."
Staffan - Sweden "This expedition has been one of the most positive influential experience of my life. Being out there in the remoteness and interacting with the locals gave me a sense of purpose. I was deeply moved on the issue of energy access for remote communities and hope to apply my learnings in this direction. "
Mark Appiah
Mark Appiah - Ghana "I come from Ghana in Africa and I have seen the problems faced by the local communities. The expedition exceeded all my expectations. I have never been so happy when I saw the Happy faces of the villagers seeing light for the first time. I am thankful to GHE for such a professionally conducted expedition. "
Jose Carlos
Jose Carlos - Peru "The expedition with GHE was one of the most life changing experiences I have had so far. I am motivated now to also start a similar initiative in my country."
Ashley - USA "Joining hands in an unknown land to bring electricity to the beautiful people of a remote village was an extraordinary experience; one which not only cultivated strong friendships but also showcased the power of the human spirit when we come together to achieve greater good."
Archi - India "The journey you undertake with GHE, is a journey unlike any other. As you are thrown against the bare and stark backdrop of the Himalayas, you learn to overcome your fears, challenge your limits and appreciate the beauty around you, as you unite with those who were once strangers, to bring ‘light’ to a shared dream"
Rolf - Denmark "GHE was for me an opportunity to bring back focus, dedication and a broader perspective to my life – it was extremely enriching and inspirational to see, live and change the lives of the people in the village. I can urge anyone who feels they want to do more with their life, to take the leap and join the cause of “Impact Tourism"
Ute Marke - Germany "Very seldom are we given the opportunity to make a measurable impact in the world. To be part of a team that helped to set up solar grids in the village and seeing the pure joy on the villagers' faces when we turned on the lights for the first time, is something I will never forget."

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