Climate Action Expedition September

An International Impact Expedition to the remote region of Zanskar

today Dates : 04 Sep 2023 to 15 Sep 2023

access_time Duration : 12 Days

Grade : 2

? Grade 1 : Easy
Grade 2 : Moderate
Grade 3 : Challenging
Grade 4 : Hard

place Location : Ladakh, India

Available Slots : 11/15

USD $2100

Brief :

Join a team of 15 leaders from across the globe on a journey of sustainability and impact in the Indian Himalayas. You will be part of an amazing group of participants who will trek to one of the remote villages in the Himalayas to bring access to clean and renewable energy for the local communities. Soak in the hospitality of the villagers and leave behind a legacy of your visit as you truly empower the communities. A perfect mix of Adventure with Impact. 

The Expedition participants are selected through an interview process to curate a group that is unique. A typical group can comprise of members from across the globe with a passion and interest for sustainable development and climate action.  

The financing of the Solar Water Heaters that are setup to make the expedition carbon negative is done by the participants as part of the expedition cost. The expedition fee will include your contribution to the cost of the Solar Water Heaters for electrification of village along with all your ground logistics, food and accommodation.

Trip Highlights

  • Multiple days of community immersion in Zanskar. 
  • Create an impact with Solar Water Heaters
  • Partner with fellow travelers from across the globe.
  • Give back to the Himalayas and the local communities
  • Discover yourself in the remoteness of the mountains
  • A mix of Adventure, Sustainability and Impact

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Route Map :


Itinerary Details :

  1. Day 1 Arrive in Leh, Acclimatize
    Arrive in Leh, Acclimatize_Day 1

    You will fly into Leh from New Delhi. Bounded by two of the world’s mightiest mountain ranges, the Himalayas and the Karakoram, Leh lies at an altitude of 12000 ft. You will be received at the airport by the GHE team leaders and welcomed with the traditional Ladakhi silk scarf “Khatak”. You will then be transferred to your hotel where you will be stationed for the next two days. The remainder of the arrival day is for you to relax or explore the local market and the Leh city. 

  2. Day 2 Cultural Immersion and Team Bonding
    Cultural Immersion and Team Bonding_Day 2

    Today begins with a visit to the Leh City and a learning experience on the background of the ancient heritage. We will take a tour of the Old City and visit a Monastery, where we shall get in touch with the ancient religion of Buddhism and its ideologies

  3. Day 3 Mountain Biking (Optional) and travel to Photoksar
    Mountain Biking (Optional) and travel to Photoksar_Day 3

    Biking on the dirt trails of Ladakh, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and powered by the will to keep paddling forward, you will indulge in an experience which cannot be matched in any way. It will be perfect opportunity to unwind your body and soak in the terrain at a leisure pace. 
    Biking Distance – 30 Kms 
    We will then get into vehicles and move towards the village of Photoksar where we will be staying for the night. 

  4. Day 4 Photoksar to Padum
    Photoksar to Padum_Day 4

    From Photoksar, we will move onwards and travel on dirt road. The going will be slow, but the conditions of the road will be overcome by the beautiful sights of snow capped mountains and glacier river streams. We will reach the open valley of Linghsed and have lunch at the foothills of the Linghsed Monastery which was electrified by GHE in 2016. From Lingshed, we begin our journey as we enter the Zanskar valley and cross multiple villages along the way in our vehicles. The journey is going to be long. Our destination will be the town of Padum which will be the last place where we can get some supplies and phone signal. 

  5. Day 5 Traditional Welcome to Village
    Traditional Welcome to Village_Day 5

    We will continue our journey for a few hours and then begin the trek along the glacial streams surrounded by mountains all around us, a treat for the photography and nature lovers. As we walk along the valley, we will be crossing multiple glacial streams and the local wildlife before finally reaching the village. The villagers will be greeting us with Chang and Khataks and thank us for our efforts to bring development to their village. Once you settle down in the village, we will form teams and begin our work of setting up of Solar Water Heaters

  6. Day 6 Solar Water Heater Setup
    Solar Water Heater Setup_Day 6

    You will be working as small teams and begin the work of setting up Solar Water Heaters in the village. The day is going to be long, but you will be supported by GHE Engineers and the villagers. Be prepared for an overwhelming experience, as you enter the homes of the villagers and discuss with them on where they want the solar water heaters to be put up. You Carry the tank, frame and the pipes to each household and complete the installation of the water heaters in participation with the local community.

  7. Day 7 Shared Narratives and back to Padum
    Shared Narratives and back to Padum_Day 7

    After celebrating with the villagers, it is time to pack our bags and begin our trek up the valley, moving back towards the town of Padum. We will be moving towards the basecamp and the day will be slightly hard as the trek will be on an uphill gradient but the breathtaking views of the valley and the mountains will be an experience worth it. After 3 hours of trekking, we shall get into the vehicles and reach back to the town of Padum, where we shall rest and share stories of our experience. 

  8. Day 8 Padum Local Stay
    Padum Local Stay_Day 8

    Padum is the main town of Zanskar and is known for its rich culture and heritage, including the very old monasteries of Sani, Karsha and Zangla. The day will be filled with visiting some of these ancient treasures and walking back in history as we interact with the monks and get a sense of what does it mean to be a Zanskar Pa

  9. Day 9 Padum to Kargil
    Padum to Kargil_Day 9

    Today will be a long day on dirt road as we move from Padum to the town of Kargil. We will be crossing many glaciere along the route and will be stopping multiple times along the way for you to take pictures, since this part of the journey is the most scenic as well. Once we reach Kargil, we will check-into the hotels and finally you will get a much deserved hot water shower

  10. Day 10 Kargil to Leh
    Kargil to Leh_Day 10

    The day with the most amazing and expansive scenery is the journey from Kargil to Leh. It will be a 6 hour ride from Kargil to Leh and we will check into hotels once we reach Leh and connect back with our families. Today is going to be a day of reflection. In the evening, our team will reflect back on the journey and share their experiences sitting around a bonfire. 

  11. Day 11 Leh Souvenirs and Local Market
    Leh Souvenirs and Local Market_Day 11

    The day will begin with a trip to the Pashmina Plant and the team will gain an insight into the handicraft market. The afternoon will be a leisure day for the team to visit the Leh market and pick up souvenirs, including Pashmina, Apricot based food products and other local handicrafts.

  12. Day 12 Departures
    Departures_Day 12

     “The mighty mountains beckoned and we answered the call. “
    It’s time to say our farewell all around and make our way back to the airport with the GHE Team Leaders who will assure your safe departure! 

Inclusions :

  • Airport Transfers in Leh
  • All breakfast, lunch and dinner all days
  • All accommodations including hotels, homestays and camping on shared basis
  • All local transportation including coaches and taxis
  • All meals as per itinerary (excluding drinks)
  • Boiled clean drinking water in Village 
  • Mountain Bikes included

Exclusions :

  • Flight tickets to and fro Leh
  • Visa Fees 
  • Travel Insurance 

Carbon Offset :

The expedition to bring Solar Water Heaters to the village will offset 126 Tons of Carbon from the environment  through setup of 15 Water Heaters
Our estimates suggest that the entire 12 days expedition Carbon footprint, including carbon generated during camping, hotel stay and through the participants return flight tickets, will be around 53 Tons. 
Overall Your trip to the Himalayas will be Carbon Negative!

Expedition Essentials :

Important Notes

There are a couple of days of long travel in the Bus on mountain roads. However the jaw-dropping scenery should take away the fatigue of bus travel. Since we will be at an average altitude of 13000 feet or 3500m, it will help if you are at good fitness level overall. Also smoking and drinking is prohibited. The weather can be very unpredictable in the mountains. Kindly refer to the instructions in the Expedition essentials document you will find on this page.The homestay in the village will have very basic facilities, you will being staying with the local community and experience life from their point of view. 

Physical Rating: 2 (Moderate)

The trek will be long and overall the expedition will be moderate. We recommend that you undertake regular aerobic exercise in the months before you travel. Walking daily and cycling along with doing brisk walks or climbing long staircases with a small backpack is good preparation to enable you to enjoy the trekking to its fullest.

Arrival and Departure Details

The expedition shall begin from the city of Leh in India, and will also end in the city of Leh. Please note that due to the high altitude, we Include the days of acclimatization in the overall expedition itinerary. You don’t need to come early for acclimatization.  In case you would like to extend your trip beyond the expedition dates, please feel free to do so at your own discretion and cost. 

Additional Details 

You can read all the expedition essentials in the document shared below. For general enquiries or questions about your booking, please contact us at


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Hear from our Alumni

Paulina - Chile "Coming from South America, I was able to relate to the remoteness of the communities and the challenges faced by them. This was the most beautiful and satisfying experiences for me as a Traveler. Never could I have imagined that I would be able to bring light to someone while taking part on an adventure trek."
Staffan - Sweden "This expedition has been one of the most positive influential experience of my life. Being out there in the remoteness and interacting with the locals gave me a sense of purpose. I was deeply moved on the issue of energy access for remote communities and hope to apply my learnings in this direction. "
Mark Appiah
Mark Appiah - Ghana "I come from Ghana in Africa and I have seen the problems faced by the local communities. The expedition exceeded all my expectations. I have never been so happy when I saw the Happy faces of the villagers seeing light for the first time. I am thankful to GHE for such a professionally conducted expedition. "
Jose Carlos
Jose Carlos - Peru "The expedition with GHE was one of the most life changing experiences I have had so far. I am motivated now to also start a similar initiative in my country."
Ashley - USA "Joining hands in an unknown land to bring electricity to the beautiful people of a remote village was an extraordinary experience; one which not only cultivated strong friendships but also showcased the power of the human spirit when we come together to achieve greater good."
Archi - India "The journey you undertake with GHE, is a journey unlike any other. As you are thrown against the bare and stark backdrop of the Himalayas, you learn to overcome your fears, challenge your limits and appreciate the beauty around you, as you unite with those who were once strangers, to bring ‘light’ to a shared dream"
Rolf - Denmark "GHE was for me an opportunity to bring back focus, dedication and a broader perspective to my life – it was extremely enriching and inspirational to see, live and change the lives of the people in the village. I can urge anyone who feels they want to do more with their life, to take the leap and join the cause of “Impact Tourism"
Ute Marke - Germany "Very seldom are we given the opportunity to make a measurable impact in the world. To be part of a team that helped to set up solar grids in the village and seeing the pure joy on the villagers' faces when we turned on the lights for the first time, is something I will never forget."

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